PS360 Fat Fan Controller Mod

PS360 Phat Fan Controller puts you back in control of your PS3! Overheating - Freezing - YLOD - GONE!

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PS3 Dual Mode Phat Fan Cooling Mod


Finally a solution to PS3's heat related issues.

No Soldering - No Cutting Wires - No Expensive Tools
Freezing - Overheating - YLOD - Slow Frame rates GONE!
Easily Reversible without damage to your Console.
The new PS360 Slim cooling Mod puts you back in control of your PS3 !

Features -

  • Dual Mode - Manual & Automatic Base Level
  • 3 Auto Mode Adjustment Levels 15, 30 & 45 Percent
  • 9 Manual Adjustment Levels
  • On The Fly Mode Switching
  • Continual PS3 Fan Signal Monitoring
  • Failsafe - Pulsating Fan on Signal Failure
  • 3 LED Setting Status Indicator
  • Simple Push Button Control
  • Memory Store Function, So You Can Set & Forget
  • Extreme Low Power Operation
  • Zero Playstation Failures with Fan Mod Installed



Auto Base Level Mode - 


This mode allows the Fan Mod & PS3 to work together. You increase the Base Level fan speed by 15, 30 or 45% and the PS360 Fan Mod will work with the Playstation to ensure it remains cool. 

As the Fan Speed of your Playstation increases the Fan Mod will further raise the level of the Fan by your desired setting.





Manual Fan Mode - 

This mode works independently of your Playstation.

Set your fan speed to one of 9 Levels between  
25 - 100 Percent to ensure that your PS3 stays cool !


PS360's unique design allows for easy installation without the need to solder any wires or buy any new and expensive tools.
You won't need to modify your console in any way to install the
PS360 Fan Controller our Fan Controller has been designed for
easy installation.

Our illustrated Installation Guide will make easy work of the fitting and connection process. 
After installation of the PS360 Fan Mod you will be in complete control of your PS3's fan speed.
Simple to adjust fan speed.



With the PS360 Cooling Fan Mod you will be able to enjoy all your favourite games  without the worry of freezing and slow frame rates caused by excessive heat.

No need to worry about not losing game data due to hard reset of your PS3 Console.
Enjoy your PS3 experience on your terms!




For more graphics intensive games you can simply increase your fan speed toHyper Cool your PS3. 

Keeping you gaming into the early hours of the morning!


What you get with the package:


1x PS360 Dual Mode Phat Cooling Fan Mod
1x All Cables Required for Installation
1x Installation Guide PDF (Via Email)
A must have for every PS3 owner, from the keen gamer to the weekend user.


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